Your Guide to Obtaining a Private Pilot Certificate

So you decided you want to be a pilot? Great. Unless you limit yourself to ultralight vehicles you will need to obtain a private pilot certificate. This is the license that permits the holder to pilot an aircraft for non commercial purposes. In the U.S. ultralight vehicles are those that have only one seat, are used only for recreational or sport flying, don’t have an airworthiness certificate and weigh less than 155 pounds if not powered and less than 254 pounds if powered with a maximum of 5 gallons. They also have speed and time of operation restrictions and cannot be flown over congested areas or at large gatherings such as air shows.

If ultralights weren’t what you had in mind you need to decide what kind of aircraft you did want to fly. You can get a private pilot certificate for gliders, helicopters and gyro-planes, balloons, airships or powered aircraft. Next you will need to find out if you are considered fit to fly an airplane. The FAA has a website which can help you find FAA authorized medical examiners in your area, You will need a third class medical certificate in order to proceed with flight training. fake mc online

You can complete ground school without one but you may not want to go through that expense if you can’t get a private pilot certificate because of your health. If your English isn’t good, start taking English lessons. Pilots need to be able to speak, read and understand English so they can talk to control towers and other aviators when needed. Now you are ready to start with the real training for becoming a licensed pilot. You will need to complete ground school and at least 40 hours of flight training before you can attempt the three tests you need to pass to get your license.


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